The risks of vulnerability

Your eyes are on me and all I can think of is ‘what do they see?’ A fat girl playing dress-up? An unflattering angle capturing an unattractive, unworthy body? Maybe courage? Audacity? Can you feel my fear? Is this bravery? I wouldn’t know, I’ve hidden my body for so long I hardly know it to see it. Continue reading “The risks of vulnerability”

Orgasm #2 – Give me a hand (your whole hand)

“How many of your fingers are inside me now?” I pant, cheek to the pillow, knees wide, cunt wet and swollen, exposed to you.
As you answer I feel you begin to tuck your thumb inside of me and I’m getting off on the sensation, the fullness, the unrelenting but minor pain of being stretched but also on the fact that I know you’re looking. Continue reading “Orgasm #2 – Give me a hand (your whole hand)”