Boob Day: Distracted

Things have been busy around here. Lots of writing, new connections, upcoming collaborations. It can be hard to stay focused. This BoobDay picture really begs the question … Continue reading “Boob Day: Distracted”


Giveaway – The Spellbound Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

It’s almost Easter, and if you’re like me, you want more than just chocolate eggs in your basket. You’re in luck! It’s giveaway time and I’ve paired up with the good folks at Too Timid and they have graciously offered to send one lucky reader the Spellbound Silicone Rabbit vibrator. Continue reading “Giveaway – The Spellbound Silicone Rabbit Vibrator”

Once more, with feeling – #writebigsexywords

Welcome to the second weekly edition of #WriteBigSexyWords – a new feature here on F&H where we look at synonyms for words and concepts that you may encounter when writing, particularly if you’re writing erotica. Last week we looked at alternate words for common colours to make descriptions of people and things more interesting and appetizing. This week’s theme is words that describe a feeling or describe a state of being. Continue reading “Once more, with feeling – #writebigsexywords”

Hook Ups

This is my first submission to Food For Thought Friday and the topic is: Hook Ups. Most of us have had them and I think most people will agree that they can either go very well, or very poorly. In my experience there’s very little in between, or at least they start out well and end horrendously. Am I painting a picture yet of my opinion and experiences? Read on for some detailed accounts of my no strings attached sex life … Continue reading “Hook Ups”

A Little Slice Of Heaven

She’s on speakerphone and we are laughing and chatting as I fiddle with an editing app on my phone, cropping the picture she’s just sent me.

“Are you done editing it? Show me! You should call it ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’ because that’s what it is.” Continue reading “A Little Slice Of Heaven”

Colour Me Sexy – #writebigsexywords

For our first #wbsw post I thought I’d ease us in with some adjectives that are synonyms for, or related to, colour. When setting a scene or describing a character, colour is a very useful and relateable way to help your reader understand what you’re showing to them through words. In erotica, colour is used frequently in physical descriptions such as reddened cheeks, gleaming black leather, crisp white sheets, etc. Colours have many names, so why say blue if you can say cobalt? Continue reading “Colour Me Sexy – #writebigsexywords”

Coffee, extra cream

Emerging from the subway to the rainy street, she popped her umbrella open and proceeded across the street and down the block. The dull grey of the day made the warm amber glow of the coffee shop all the more inviting and seeing him sitting near the back on a worn velvet sofa, reading the newspaper, made her heart speed up in her chest. He was such a pretty fellow, so gracious and unassuming. Continue reading “Coffee, extra cream”

Introducing: Write Big Sexy Words


Welcome to the introduction of Write Big Sexy Words: a new weekly feature on Fire & Honey. Every Tuesday I’ll be posting some big, smart, sexy words that we can all enjoy. If you’re a word nerd like I am, that alone will be fun, but if you’re also looking to expand your repertoire and use more robust, yet sensual and descriptive, language in your erotic writing, this may be the feature for you. Continue reading “Introducing: Write Big Sexy Words”