Sinister Needs

I will make a habit of things. No, more than habit: ritual. I will ensure every response to me is emphatic, yet prescribed, the motion of deeply internalized praxis.  Continue reading “Sinister Needs”


BoobDay: Counting the Sleeps

This week has been a countdown since Saturday, measured night by night until I see him again. He’s new, I’ve held back from mentioning him here, but Reader, my heart is excited.  Continue reading “BoobDay: Counting the Sleeps”


Trigger Warning: self harm

It started as a joke, a cute thing that he did to make her smile. They’d had a disconnected week, missed calls and texts, rescheduling dates, finally getting to be in each other’s arms on Friday night, tired and both a little unsure, their mutual absence making them both a bit skittish. They’d talked, shared some takeout, and lounged. He had spontaneously grabbed the pen and as she chuckled, scrawled a hasty “Yours” over his heart. A schoolboy moment, a sweet gesture. It had worked. She’d bitten her lip and straddled his lap and taken what he showed her was hers. Continue reading “Yours”

Toy Review: The Charm Silicone Wand

I’m a fan of wands. I like the simplicity of them, I like the power that is associated with them, and I am a faithful disciple of the classic Magic Wand (the old school plug in style that sounds like a small aircraft warming up and makes your teeth rattle while you cum). So when the Charm Silicone Wand showed up, compliments of Pink B.O.B, my first reaction when I slipped it out of the box was “Awwww, it’s so little and cute!” Continue reading “Toy Review: The Charm Silicone Wand”

Smut Relay Part 3: Decisions, decisions

Continued from Smut Relay Part 2 – In Cahoots by Wriggly Kitty

The iron gate of the holding cell in the hull of the ship slammed shut behind them with a clang. Richard leapt towards Eleanor, encircling her in his arms, carefully holding her, avoiding the bruises and scrapes.

“Oh Elly, I’m so sorry … what did that animal do to you?” Continue reading “Smut Relay Part 3: Decisions, decisions”

Toy Review: Warm Rabbit Vibe from LurePink

It’s so exciting when you come across a toy that has a feature or technology that you have never experienced. When the people at LurePink reached out and offered me some toys in exchange for reviews, I was excited by what I saw on their site. I reviewed their Flickering Tongue Vibe first, and then turned my focus to the Warm Rabbit Vibe. Believe it or not, this was my first ever rabbit style vibrator! I had always thought that the rabbits were a bit of a gimmick, especially for someone like me who prefers to focus on either internal or external stimulation, one at a time, vs both at once, which can be a bit overwhelming. This was also my first time with a warming toy and I now wish that all sex toys warmed up! What a gift! What a new sensation!  Continue reading “Toy Review: Warm Rabbit Vibe from LurePink”


Welcome to Elust 107

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #108? Start with the rules, come back July 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! Continue reading “ELUST 107”

Toy Review: Love Balls

Ask most women and they will tell you that they do Kegel exercises sometimes. Certainly, some are more diligent with their pelvic exercises but most women are familiar with the benefits and simple actions of the Kegel. Simply put, you just squeeze your pelvic/vaginal muscles, as if you were trying to stop yourself from peeing, hold, and release. Spend just a few minutes a day doing Kegels and in fairly short time you may see improvements with incontinence, stronger orgasms and more control and reliability with orgasming and female ejaculation (squirting).  Continue reading “Toy Review: Love Balls”

Toy Review: Flickering Tongue Vibrator

I was so excited to hear from LurePink and be offered some toys of theirs for review. Their devices are so sleek and interesting and to see them you just know that they have a high build quality and are luxurious to use. I received three complimentary items and the first one I tried was The Flickering Tongue Vibrator. After a rather lack luster experience with the Bumpy Betty Vibe I was intrigued to try another tongue shaped toy.  Continue reading “Toy Review: Flickering Tongue Vibrator”