BoobDay: Polaroid

She thrust the camera into my hands, it was heavy and older than we were. She lay back playfully, coy as she pulled up her shirt, pert tits wobbling softly. She giggled as my finger hit the shutter, click, whirr, and the brittle grey photo licked out like a tongue. She snatched it and pressed it between her thighs to warm it as it developed. After a few moments she looked at it, smiling and turned it around for me to see. Only then did I  take my eyes off of her.

Thank you to my sexy friend Eve for this photo. If you don’t yet follow her on Instagram you certainly should start. Find her at @ever_eve_ 

more boobs on display at #Boobday

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2 thoughts on “BoobDay: Polaroid”

  1. I love the photo, of course, but I really love the story. It brought back a wonderful memory. My new wife, a Polaroid camera, we were just kids having fun and then we invited the neighbors over, soon little black-and-white photos littered the floor and we forgot all about the camera.

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