Trigger Warning: self harm

It started as a joke, a cute thing that he did to make her smile. They’d had a disconnected week, missed calls and texts, rescheduling dates, finally getting to be in each other’s arms on Friday night, tired and both a little unsure, their mutual absence making them both a bit skittish. They’d talked, shared some takeout, and lounged. He had spontaneously grabbed the pen and as she chuckled, scrawled a hasty “Yours” over his heart. A schoolboy moment, a sweet gesture. It had worked. She’d bitten her lip and straddled his lap and taken what he showed her was hers. Continue reading “Yours”



She sighed and sank back into the pillows of her bed, smiling as he crawled towards her stopping to kneel between her feet.

“Have you really never? Never?” his smile was cheeky and filled with disbelief.

“Never. Not once.” she shrugged and watched his bemused face.

“Wow. Well, do you want to?”

“Maybe … You first.” Her eyes stayed on his as his cheeks flushed. Continue reading “Mutual”


He turns his back to me, a smooth lake of milk, quivering in the moon light. The curtains move in the warm breeze and cast shadows across him, inky blue and fleeting. In my hand I hold an instrument of torture and I mean to hurt him, I do, as he’s begged me to, this man whom I love. I mean to make him break and buckle for me. Continue reading “Cosmic”


It was a good second date. He was less tentative, less shy, more willing to be taken and led, in conversation and in hand. Unlike the rainy afternoon of our first meeting, chaste and sweet as it was, tonight was balmy, the beginning of the beginning of something that looked like summer, complete with a cotton candy sunset and that hot blooded feeling when your body begins to forget winter.  Continue reading “After”