Sinister Needs

I will make a habit of things. No, more than habit: ritual. I will ensure every response to me is emphatic, yet prescribed, the motion of deeply internalized praxis.  Continue reading “Sinister Needs”


When I Fall

This is an anonymous guest post by the same stunning woman, Eve, whose breasts we saw for Boobday and whose slice stunned us for Sinful Sunday. The words and self portrait are her own. I think they combine beautifully and make for a gorgeous meditation on self love, self care and body acceptance. Continue reading “When I Fall”


The open window lets the night in and it
hangs itself damply about the room.

Alert, lathered with sweat,

she is a caged animal,

feral with desire, marked for madness.

She turns and twists in the sodden sheets, heart enraged as her body suffers without him.
Dreaming in a far away language,

he wriggles as he wills her fingertips to

scorch him, one more time, make it last this time.

He hears his name, hot as fresh honey on her lips, his name again, rolling around in her mouth like a smooth stone. He wonders if this fever will ever break.

Winter is our season

Winter is our season, yours and mine.
Hardscrabble, tough won comforts,

words incubated in the dark.

Hope etched in ice.
I’ll step in your big footsteps in the snow,

single file along the riverbank

to hear your voice rasp

and cloud the cold air.

Love under great cedars
Slivered moon,

fast icy water.

Mittened hands clasped,


calling back to the wolves,

fighting tears and memories,

tempting fate.

You smell like sugar, you taste like sin

And then, as if no time had been lost, there they were.

Brow to brow, breathless, fingertips on fire, flanks rippling with anticipation of touch, each weeping, though neither from their eyes, forming an unseen haze of desire in the air between them.

Nostalgia and imagination swirled from their hushed lips:

You smell like sugar
You feel like heaven

Soft smiles and burning eyes, their resistance wearing thin. Risk, reward, adventure, pain, endless wanting, reckless waiting.

You feel like home
You taste like sin