Recommended Reading #6

My top three favourite reads this week: One that plucked my heart strings raw, one that made me think and self analyze and one that took me away with its sheer smutty goodness. Continue reading “Recommended Reading #6”


Recommended Reading #5

This week’s roundup has a loose theme of Strength & Beauty It’s a tough world out there and these few highlights of the almost endless supply of great smut/erotic/body-sex-kink positive writing available to us, are all beacons of strength and beauty. I won’t speak for you but I know I could certainly do with more of both in my life. Thank you to everyone out there fighting the good fight with words and pictures for a stronger, more beautiful community of sexual revolution, feminism, and all around inclusivity. Thank you for reading, and sharing!  Continue reading “Recommended Reading #5”

Recommended Reading #2

The momentum that Share Our Shit Saturdays (#SOSS) is getting is pretty phenomenal and there’s so much to see and learn and read all while supporting a community of sex positive and kink positive writers, photogs and makers.

Here’s what I loved this week and recommend: Continue reading “Recommended Reading #2”