Orgasm #3 – the triple play

Four of your fingers are in my mouth, deep, holding my tongue flat. I’m salivating freely, drooling, and your thumb is under my chin, your grip on my jaw is firm and unrelenting. Continue reading “Orgasm #3 – the triple play”


Orgasm #2 – Give me a hand (your whole hand)

“How many of your fingers are inside me now?” I pant, cheek to the pillow, knees wide, cunt wet and swollen, exposed to you.
As you answer I feel you begin to tuck your thumb inside of me and I’m getting off on the sensation, the fullness, the unrelenting but minor pain of being stretched but also on the fact that I know you’re looking. Continue reading “Orgasm #2 – Give me a hand (your whole hand)”

Orgasm #1 – that first squirt

It never seems to take much for us to get naked. We are kissing and touching, your hands and mouth wandering and returning to touch my face and kiss my lips before exploring again. Just the suggestion of your hand near my thigh makes my legs fall apart from one another and a hushed “Yes, spread …” slips from your lips as you suck my nipple, kneading my breasts in your hands. Continue reading “Orgasm #1 – that first squirt”