Summer School

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know

“I want you to ‘Mrs. Robinson’ me. Let me be your ‘Benjamin Braddock’,” he smiles coyly, tossing a soft hank of blond hair off his forehead, adjusting his glasses. “Honestly. Teach me.” Continue reading “Summer School”


In the Interest of Interest

I happened across these images, for which I have no source, no amount of Googling gave me the name of the film they are from, but I loved them … Continue reading “In the Interest of Interest”

The Switch

“Darling, will you lace me up?”

She lifted the pale gold waves of hair at the nape of her neck and shivered as his fingers wound around the velvet ribbon crisscrossing up her back. She adjusted the front of the corset, breasts almost toppling out, and exhaled slowly as she felt the definition of the garment shape her torso under his diligent tugs. She could hear the focus in his breathing.

“Are you nervous?”

“About the show? A little.” His voice trembled slightly, betraying his anxiety.

“You’ll be great, you look amazing. So dapper!” She smiled at him over her shoulder and caught his eye. Continue reading “The Switch”

Coffee, extra cream

Emerging from the subway to the rainy street, she popped her umbrella open and proceeded across the street and down the block. The dull grey of the day made the warm amber glow of the coffee shop all the more inviting and seeing him sitting near the back on a worn velvet sofa, reading the newspaper, made her heart speed up in her chest. He was such a pretty fellow, so gracious and unassuming. Continue reading “Coffee, extra cream”