Sexy Verbs – #writebigsexywords

As they say, “it’s all about the motion of the ocean”, when it comes to sex, right? All the more reason to consider our verbs when writing those hot and sticky scenes. I often find it’s easy to be mindful of adjectives because so much of smut and erotica is about description, about taking the reader into the heat and intensity of the scene so they can almost feel it themselves and relate on a somatic level. Verbs, though, I have a harder time with. Continue reading “Sexy Verbs – #writebigsexywords”


Character terms – #writebigsexywords

Welcome back to #writebigsexywords ! This is our third installment – we have looked at words for colours and words that express a feeling or state of being and this week we turn to words that help us describe a character’s look or personality. I often struggle with building character descriptions and over simplify them by focusing on the superficial, the outside, how they look. It’s much more challenging to weave in their motivations, personality and behaviours but the results can give you a more robust and nuanced description that may help your readers grow attached to the character, or if you’d rather, it can repel them – some of the most interesting characters are the ones we don’t immediately like or that we find troublesome in some way. Picture perfect characters are often less dimensional than characters that feel more real when described with relatable human emotions. I am trying to push myself towards terms that take us beyond whether a character is good or bad, handsome or ugly, shy or bold, etc. Here’s a sampling of some words I’m loving and using lately … Continue reading “Character terms – #writebigsexywords”

Once more, with feeling – #writebigsexywords

Welcome to the second weekly edition of #WriteBigSexyWords – a new feature here on F&H where we look at synonyms for words and concepts that you may encounter when writing, particularly if you’re writing erotica. Last week we looked at alternate words for common colours to make descriptions of people and things more interesting and appetizing. This week’s theme is words that describe a feeling or describe a state of being. Continue reading “Once more, with feeling – #writebigsexywords”

Colour Me Sexy – #writebigsexywords

For our first #wbsw post I thought I’d ease us in with some adjectives that are synonyms for, or related to, colour. When setting a scene or describing a character, colour is a very useful and relateable way to help your reader understand what you’re showing to them through words. In erotica, colour is used frequently in physical descriptions such as reddened cheeks, gleaming black leather, crisp white sheets, etc. Colours have many names, so why say blue if you can say cobalt? Continue reading “Colour Me Sexy – #writebigsexywords”

Introducing: Write Big Sexy Words


Welcome to the introduction of Write Big Sexy Words: a new weekly feature on Fire & Honey. Every Tuesday I’ll be posting some big, smart, sexy words that we can all enjoy. If you’re a word nerd like I am, that alone will be fun, but if you’re also looking to expand your repertoire and use more robust, yet sensual and descriptive, language in your erotic writing, this may be the feature for you. Continue reading “Introducing: Write Big Sexy Words”