Tulip, Feather, Key

My Love,
When I begin to dream about that house on the bluff with all the windows, I know it’s time to reach out to you. Three dreams in three weeks, each time you’re just outside of where the light ends, shadow walking, sometimes so tangible, other times not.

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Seeking Shelter

I’m less than 24 hours out from a date with a new, adorable, submissive man and a deeply anxious feeling is creeping through me. This is the first first date since things began with The Boy, last August. It’s been six months since things ended with him and inside I’m full of fear and reservations, waves of insecurity and failure washing over me. Continue reading “Seeking Shelter”

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

A new guy I’m talking to opted to turn off his A/C unit in his 32 degrees Celsius apartment so we could talk on the phone. How old fashioned both in manners and the joys of telephony. Once our lines engaged he then charmed me with his extensive knowledge of, and interest in, The 7 Wonders of the World, both modern and ancient. It was actually kind of a turn on.
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She sighed and sank back into the pillows of her bed, smiling as he crawled towards her stopping to kneel between her feet.

“Have you really never? Never?” his smile was cheeky and filled with disbelief.

“Never. Not once.” she shrugged and watched his bemused face.

“Wow. Well, do you want to?”

“Maybe … You first.” Her eyes stayed on his as his cheeks flushed. Continue reading “Mutual”

Scarred – Part 2

You can read Part 1 here.

Relocating is tough. There are so many logistical and emotional elements to consider. I was determined though, that I would fish, in what turned out to be a very small pond, of straight submissive-leaning guys on FetLife in my new area code. Firstly there’s the issue of pure numbers. In general, subby guys are few and far between, add onto that a huge percentage of online profiles being out of date or void of any information or photos. Then you have to subtract the guys who post as submissive but then later on their profiles describe themselves as switches or use the classic line: “I’m a very alpha dominant guy, it just takes the right woman to make me submissive.” Continue reading “Scarred – Part 2”