This is Right. This is Good.

Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want. Continue reading “This is Right. This is Good.”


Boob Day: Hi, I’m the New Girl

New city, that means updating online profiles like FetLife and flipping through bios of studly young bucks, going eenie-meanie-miney-mo, tolerating loads of disappointing messages (womp womp) and making a few rare connections only to have all but the best fall through. Continue reading “Boob Day: Hi, I’m the New Girl”

Boob Day: Blur

“At first she beckoned and lured one into her world; then, she blurred the passageways, confused all the images, as if to elude detection.”

― Anaïs Nin, from A Spy in the House of Love Continue reading “Boob Day: Blur”