BoobDay: Counting the Sleeps

This week has been a countdown since Saturday, measured night by night until I see him again. He’s new, I’ve held back from mentioning him here, but Reader, my heart is excited.  Continue reading “BoobDay: Counting the Sleeps”


Boobday: Battle

Fighting with my body, with my mind and heart, again. Looking for validation in strangers’ hands and mouths and jutting cocks. Swallowing air that feels like sea water, crying tears that feel like sand.

Why wasn’t I born beautiful? Continue reading “Boobday: Battle”

Boob Day: Hi, I’m the New Girl

New city, that means updating online profiles like FetLife and flipping through bios of studly young bucks, going eenie-meanie-miney-mo, tolerating loads of disappointing messages (womp womp) and making a few rare connections only to have all but the best fall through. Continue reading “Boob Day: Hi, I’m the New Girl”

When I Fall

This is an anonymous guest post by the same stunning woman, Eve, whose breasts we saw for Boobday and whose slice stunned us for Sinful Sunday. The words and self portrait are her own. I think they combine beautifully and make for a gorgeous meditation on self love, self care and body acceptance. Continue reading “When I Fall”