This is Right. This is Good.

Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want. Continue reading “This is Right. This is Good.”


I call him Darling, Baby, Hunny, Love

Drowning in the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown

I have always been one for big thoughts and bigger feelings. I remember finding Kafka, reading about existentialism and I remember it hitting me deeply, striking a true chord: these were the questions I had always been considering, thoughts that had consumed me for my entire young life. Why were we here and for what? Life seems so arbitrary and is made even more absurd by the constant repetitive action of nearly each and every human being trying to find divine purpose, a kernel of meaning, a glint of hope that there is some magical ‘more’ that we can aspire to and find, if only we have the mettle. Continue reading “I call him Darling, Baby, Hunny, Love”

First Meeting

She adjusted the lacy top of her stockings making neat lines of the garters, fidgeting with the elastic, bending to straighten the seam at her toes. He had called from the cab, he was minutes away. He’d check in, carry his own bags, too modest to follow a cheery bellhop, and he’d knock, despite having the key – of this, she was certain because she had told him to do so. Continue reading “First Meeting”

Go get in my bed

And he did. I found him there a few minutes later, cuddled down into the mountain of pillows, the cat curled in against him adoringly. He looked so good there, so relaxed, like he was in his own bed, a nest of safety, a haven from his day. He watched me slowly undress and crawled towards me slowly as I did. Timidly, he touched me, his thumbs hooking the soft lace of my panties and with one long, soft exhalation, he pulled them down so I could step out of them. His sweet face tipped up, soft brown eyes begging.

“May I, Miss?”