This is Right. This is Good.

Fuck yeah give it to me, this is heaven, what I truly want. Continue reading “This is Right. This is Good.”


Moving Day

“Well, that’s the last of it. We’re all moved in.” His grin was contagious and she found herself smiling into his chest as they hugged. They stood in that embrace, surrounded by boxes filled with all their worldly possessions, overtired and happy, a bit delirious with the stress of the day and the newness of their surroundings. The hug became a kiss, then more kisses, lips suddenly feverish with intent and fingertips fumbling with buttons and belt buckles. Continue reading “Moving Day”

Rabbit Fur Coat

Right on time, I passed under the glow of the marquee, a haughty nod at the bored guy slouching in the box office, heels click-clacking briskly across the pavement, sidestepping wind swept leaves and trash. The wind was brisk and I felt the skin of my thighs goose-bump in the evening breeze. The fire exit in the alley was propped open slightly, just as he’d said it would be. Continue reading “Rabbit Fur Coat”

All the way down

I knew it was a thing for him. I knew it was a want, maybe even a need, a craving. We’d shared some kinks and proclivities and started to slowly explore each other’s secrets and inner monologues. We’d spent hours with careful touches, whispered questions and permissions, gradually gaining ground and building on our personal catalogue of shared experiences. Continue reading “All the way down”